Invitation to ACEID members

ACEID/ACEDI is supportive of the newly established IDC Research Collective and provides the following information for the benefit of our members.

Any questions concerning the following should be addressed to:
Rebecca Muyal

As educators you are ideally positioned in conducting research to advance the interior design profession. The IDC Research Collective invites you to:

  • Support by actively promoting the IDC Research Collective at seminars, trade shows, articles, focus groups etc.
  • Promoting the benefits of research in and for the Canadian design community
  • Submit your research
  • Participate in the further development of the Collective
    • Document development
    • Defining what is research
    • Identifying types of research in the profession, academic, and industry
    • Identifying research methods within the profession, academia and industry
    • Submission requirements
  • Be the leaders in advancing research within the design community

The Collective is looking for research in two areas:

  • Canadian content - meaning research conducted by Canadian professionals, educators and industry members. This research should identify and promote the Canadian design community, who we are, what we do, how we do it. How do Canadian designers differ from others around the world?
  • Research content – To some extent it is easier to identify what the Collective does not want in research submissions: research on colour, social spaces, and gender differences. While these topics are relevant research on their own the Collective is looking for research directly relevant to the design of interior spaces. How the topics are applied to and impact the design of interior spaces.

The types of research methods include but not limited to: qualitative, quantitative, contextual, holistic, photographic, observation, grounded theory, ethnography, phenomenology, case study, narrative.